SilicaTop™ helps prevent slippery greenhouse floors caused by algae. Coating and waterproofing the surface with SilicaTop™ decreases the pressure of algae that cause slipperiness, helping to reduce the slip on floors.

**SilicaTop™ coating also helps to prevent the erosion of concrete due to chemicals and fertilizers that are used in greenhouse situations.


SilicaTop™ is for impregnating ebb & flood floors and is specifically developed for use in the greenhouse area.


SilicaTop™ reacts in the top layer of the concrete, with free lime (calcium) turning the sand particles to crystals.





As a result the lime will not be dissolved anymore.

Because of this, the pH of the drain water remains constant, and adding acid to adjust the pH will be unnecessary to balance the dissolved lime form the concrete.

The concrete will not erode like it has in the past, thus stopping the problems you have had to deal with before.

Normally, the single application of SilicaTop™ is sufficient.

SilicaTop™ can be applied yourself or you can contact HortiPro for pricing to have our specialists come and apply it.


After impregnating your floor with SilicaTop™ the surface hardens compacting the concrete, your floor will now be less likely to get wet, helping to prevent the growth of algae which in turn helps prevent slippery floors.
The floor will be easier to clean after treatment and help prevent concrete dust, in turn reducing the risk of infection in the greenhouse.


*For sand-lime / Portland-style natural stone and calcareous stone, SilicaTop™ is a suitable product to prevent erosion.