MossKade® is an effective and environmentally friendly way of removing liverwort, moss, lichen and algae.


Liverwort and moss removal Liverwort is a type of moss with leaves, and there are many different species.


Unlike plants, liverwort and mosses do not have a root and vain system. These differences are the reason a MossKade® coating has an effect on liverwort and mosses, but rarely on the plants. Sometimes scorching is possible, if product is not properly applied, therefore we always recommend doing a test spray on your plants, because sensitivity in plants increases with higher temperatures.


Algae and Lichen removal are the same way mosses are removed; also algae and lichen are found on wood, concrete and roofs.


On absorbent surfaces, MossKade® tends to have a longer effect, because MossKade® is a coating, the endurance is related to the speed the coating is wearing of.
Long wet periods; cause a quicker wear off and shorter effect.
Lichen is a symbiosis between algae and fungus.
It will take a longer time to fight the algae in the lichen.




Once the algae is killed, the remains of the fungus will also disappear.
*MossKade® has no effect on fungus.

For the best results, we recommend to stay within the parameters of the user guidelines.


For a test spray in crops, we advise to start with a 1:10 (MossKade®/water) and use a wetting agent.

On wood and concrete surfaces, brushing in MossKade® with a soft brush is very effective.

After using MossKade®, we recommend to clean the equipment thoroughly. MossKade® is a coating and will cause clogging if not cleaned.


Ingredients and active ingredients of MossKade® are food grade plant products, which form a coating. This coating is essential in the physical effect it has on mosses and algae. The individual contents of MossKade® do not have any effect on mosses or algae.


MossKade® must be able to ‘completely’ dry the same day of application to have the proper effect.
MossKade® has no effect on algae and mosses in water.


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