MO5SPORT is the ONLY product with Micro-Organisms formulated for artificial sport fields.

MO5SPORT is specially formulated to introduce micro-organisms that quickly break down the organic matter that has gathered on the playing field. When organic matter builds up, the normal treatment method is to use Biocides, however this does not fix the problem.

MO5SPORT unique formula does not damage the playing field and prevents mechanical cleaning. MO5SPORT is a non invasive product causing no wear or tear on the field surfaces.

The micro-organisms in MO5SPORT break down the organic pollution and the by-products from this process repel algae. Continuing to apply small amounts of MO5SPORT regularly to the playing field, will keep the field clean and algae from wanting to regrow on the playing field surface.
The large amounts of water needed to maintain these playing fields is within itself a problem, because the organic matter that has fallen onto the field, mixed with higher temperatures will cause algae to form quickly on the artificial grass causing it to become slippery and polluted.

Continual organic matter build up is one of the leading reasons of rain worm issues, but because MO5SPORT is quickly breaking down the organic matter, soon the worms simply have no more food source.

Using MO5SPORT will also help to clear the drains and side tracks, as it breaks down matter into smaller particles which will easier pass through the lines.

MO5SPORT holds No chemicals100% Environmentally - Animal & Human Safe!


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