100% Organic Adjuvant


The Natural Power Of Pine - Unrivaled Adjuvant Properties

HELIOSOL® is a retentive adjuvant that allows optimal quantity of applied mix to remain on the target area for an overall improvement of treatment efficiency.

Thanks to the retention capacities, pine terpenes increase the sticker properties of adjuvants.
This means more mix is retained on the target for an improved efficiency (sticker effect).


Pine terpenes unique wetting capacities help improve spreading of the mix onto the target area for maximum coverage.

As an insecticide and fungicide adjuvant HELIOSOL® increases the number of impacts on the target and substantially improves treatment coverage.

HELIOSOL® increases the shock effect and provides greater persistence of action.


HELIOSOL® maintains homogeneity and improves the compatibility of the mix in tanks, booms and sprayers until it reaches the plants. HELIOSOL® is suitable for systemic, penetrant or contact-action products and helps in reducing the risk of rainfast.

HELIOSOL® can be combined with all approved herbicides. The characteristics of its adjuvant substance give it excellent affinity with hydrophilic products such as glyphosate.

HELIOSOL® limits drift no matter the equipment used. It secures the spray, even in difficult conditions.


Benefits of HELIOSOL®
Increased retention
Limits Drift
Enables excellent spreading
Improves to quality of the mix (anti-foam formula)
A polyvalent adjuvant: multi-crop & multi-uses
(compatible with: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators)



100% Plant Based, Concentrated Suspension (CS): 665 g/l of terpene alcohols, Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC).