What are enzymes and what can we do with them?


Enzymes are involved in most all conversions of substances in living nature. They facilitate and monitor virtually all chemical reactions of carbon compounds in our bodies and our environment so that they react with the substances (substrates), which they want to change. This is called an enzyme - substrate complex.


Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions (help accelerate) and control them. There are only a few reactions in living organisms that do not require enzymes and spontaneously happen. Spontaneous reactions like that are usually undesirable in nature, because they easily get out of hand, and are sometimes difficult to get under control again. Enzymes are NOT soaps! 


What can we do with our enzyme products?


We have two products EnzyMas™, each hold different types of enzyme mixes that we can be used for loosening and removing pollutants in our environment.


Our enzymes are safe to use and available in a liquid form. This makes them unique because you can make optimum use of these enzymes by directly applying them on the surface to clean.


In our products we have additives which help to carry out the processes of these enzymes that are called co-enzymes and / or co-factors. The whole of the composition together makes the products work effectively.

Enzymes must be allowed to have the required time to work to its potential and is very crucial to also have the correct

temperature of (10-50ᵒ C).

Enzymes provide a faster decomposition process allowing contaminants to be removed quickly and thoroughly. You can best compare Enzymes with little "scissors" that cut the pollutions to shreds, so removal of the pollution is easier.

Soaps and disinfectants alone do not do this as they only kill the micro -organisms, so the source of infection remains.


**Enzymes do NOT replace disinfectants, but helps to reduce the number of bacteria by breaking down and removing the source of the infection.


EnzyMas™ is a great product to clean in the greenhouse or nursery. It is easily sprayed on screens, glass ans floors to clean it from pollutions. Due to the remains of the EnzyMas™, in general it will take longer for pollution to stick to the treated surface again.