My name is Gerco Overweg. Together with my wife Jenjer, we have been supporting Skykids since 2013.


In 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to Uganda and see the activities of Sky Kids lead by Joseph and his wife Ruth. I was very impressed with the progress and help Sky Kids is providing and that truly 100% of everything that was donated went straight to the people that needed it.

During my visit I met a lot of people and experienced firsthand the way people have to survive in these slum areas.


Specifically the quality of the water in many areas is very bad. I watched as people gathered it from small streams and ditches which were extremely polluted.

Since there is no garbage gathering or normal area clean ups, a lot is ending up in the surface water people use for drinking and cooking. This is resulting in many diseases like typhus, which hurts the smaller children the most. The mortality rate of children in this part Uganda is the highest in the country, due to lack of clean drinking water.


Together with Joseph we have gathered all the needed documents to start the well dig.

We have the commitment from the construction people to start as soon as the funding is in.
It’s estimated at €4000 to €6000 to fully complete the well pump for all the surrounding area to use FREE of charge. This on well will provide water for up to 10,000 people.


Please join us in getting clean FREE water to these children and families in need.

Would you like more inforamtion about the well? Please feel free to contact SKU and they will get you in contact with me for more information.

Any amount helps, as others join together every small amount turns into a completed well!