HortiPro BV

Jagerserf 43

3851SM Ermelo

The Netherlands
T: +31 341 268639


Product Information:

E: info@hortipro.com


E: orders@hortipro.com

Sales Management:

Jürgen Brokelman: Sales Manager
E: jurgen@hortipro.com  M: +31 6 27 144 276

Product & Technical Support:
Eric K
erklaan: Manager Department R&D and Senior Consultant
E: eric@hortipro.com

Rick Zuijderwijk: Technical- & Commercial Consultant
E: rick@hortipro.com

Production & Logistics:

Jeroen Druijff: Production & Logistic Responsible 
E: administration@hortipro.com

Gerco Overweg: Director
E: jerry@hortipro.com


Jenjer Overweg: Marketing Manager
E: marketing@hortipro.com

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