Research has proven that wound protection is the most effective method against fighting deep-seated wood rot, like dead-arm (Eutypa) or cancer (Botryosphaeria) in grapes, berries and all other fruit trees.

BlocCade™ forms a sealed physical barrier over the wound helping to fight against infections caused by fungi, as well as, aiding in wound healing by creating a closed barrier over the cut area.


  • Is effective directly after pruning

  • A spray-able application that is less costly than labor intensive hand brushing method

  • Exempt from registration within the EU. (Decision 159 (BlocCade) date, October 9, 2014)

  • Is compatible with the Felco hand pruner-19 with spraying technique, as well as, applications by knapsack sprayers or conventional orchard sprayers.

  • Contains no active ingredients

Dead-arm caused by types of Eutypa effect red currants, gooseberries and grapes. Crop production losses can reach as high as 10-30%, creating a large financial loss.

Weed control and uniform storage quality will also become difficult when crops suffer from infections.

A multi-year study by the PPO BV in The Netherlands showed that spraying the pruning wound with a wound protecting agent reduces wound infections.
In 60 to 70% of cases using chemical treatment, repeat applications seemed necessary shortly after the new pruning wounds are made. The spraying agent has proven to be effective in California against Eutypa and Botryosphaeria cancer in table and wine grapes.


BlocCade™ Usage:

• Treat wounds shortly after pruning, cover wound well

• Apply during drying and frost-free weather conditions

• Dosage: One part BlocCade™ to max 9 parts water

• Mix BlocCade™ with lukewarm water and stir it

• Use the mixed material the same day

• Keep the mix agitated

• Add surfactant

• Apply with a brush, knapsack sprayer, the Felco-19 (with spray technique) and/or a regular
spraying machine

• Always use a coarse droplet, preferably with Teejet-8005 nozzle or similar

• Clean the devices properly after use


A comparison test done by Delphy for Botryosphaeria on apples, showed that BlocCade™ was more
effective than wood tar as well as, showing a single application of BlocCade™ being just as effective as

multiple applications of various other chemical products tested.


Benefits of BlocCade™

• Proven effective to prevent wood rot

• Non-chemical, BlocCade™ contains no active ingredients, gives no residues and there is no danger to the crop

• Multi-functional applicable, also spray knapsack sprayer, orchard sprayer and Felco-19

• Mixing with fungicides may be possible (except hand scissors)

• BlocCade™ is available in packs of 1 liter - 5 liter - 10 liter


Take measures to prevent wood rot. Always combine wound protection with other measures such as: cutting as much as possible in dry weather, remove infected branches from the pruning area, avoid making large pruning wounds on the main branches.



Please Note: Fighting the infections is no longer possible if deterioration is visible in the form of drop-away laterals.

Infections occur mainly by ascospores on pruning wounds in winter time.



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