BioDrench™ is a inoculant holding beneficial microbes and consists of several strains of bacteria, fungi and yeasts that are beneficial to the soil.

They influence the rhizosphere of plants that are in direct contact with the roots of the plant.


BioDrench™ helps activate rooting and increases the level of interaction between the plant and soil to help grow healthy plants.


Composition and functioning:

Micro-organisms and roots live in symbiosis with each other. These micro-organisms help roots to absorb nutrients and minerals. BioDrench™ reinforces this symbiosis and the crops are better protected and more vital during a period of stress.

- BioDrench™ contains no sugar, so no bacterial growth will occur in pipes due to BioDrench™
- BioDrench™ has a shelf life of more than 2 years.



20 & 250 liters Bag-in-Box


Crops under glass

Nursery crops
Reduce salt damage in borders after winter
For healthy ponds


BioDrench™ contains these strains of MO’s:

• Lactobacillus spp.

• Sacharomyces spp.

• Rhodospirillium spp.

• Rhodopseudomonas spp.

• Trichoderma spp.



7 to 15 liters per hectare per week.
**Ask for more information when using in greenhouse and nursery situations.

80 liters per hectare in gardens in spring time

40 ml/1000 liters per month in ponds

Reduce salt damage in borders and healthy ponds