HortiPro has obtained AQ10®, the first specific mildew-resistant biopesticide.**Approved for use in The Netherlands, Belgium and France and distributed by HortiPro BV under the name AQ10®. Mildew diseases come in a wide range of areas. Traditionally, these diseases are treated with chemical fungicides, holding a wide range of active ingredients. AQ10® is a new Biopesticide for the control of powdery mildew diseases which occurs in a wide range of edible and ornamental crops. Traditionally these diseases have been managed with a range of fungicide ingredients with different modes of action in conjunction with environmental controls and mildew-resistant varieties.


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The product provides a reduction in powdery mildew disease severity when applied as a spray application to crops before the disease becomes established. AQ10 is currently approved for use in a range of protected crops including strawberry, tomato, aubergine and cucumber, but extension of use to ornamentals is planned.

Powdery mildew is a parasitic fungus that can severely damage grapes, vegetables, strawberry and several other important crops.

The disease becomes more difficult to control every year because of the risk of undesirable residues of agrochemicals (especially when applied close to harvest) on crops and the development of powdery mildew strains resistant to chemical fungicides.


Recommended rates and timing of applications: For effective powdery mildew control, AQ 10® can be applied alone, but it can also be included in IPM strategies, which provide for applications of both conventional agrochemicals and the biological control agent. Application rates range between 35 and 70 g/ha according to the crop (grapevine strawberry, cucurbits, tomato, pepper and roses).









Application instructions:
• Treatments must be started at low powdery mildew infestation levels.
• Applications should be repeated at 6 - 8 day time intervals.
• In order to ensure maximum spore germination, best time for application
is when relative humidity is high.
• AQ 10® can be applied with any conventional spray equipment.


Formulation Type:
Water Dispersible Granule


Powdery mildews.


Target Crops:
strawberry, tomato and cucumber


Application Method:

Foliar spray.


Application Rate:

35 to 70 g / ha.